Simulator Controls

Key Bindings

Officially supported:

  • Esc - Exit prompt
  • F1 - Help menu
  • Space - Toggle User Interface
  • - Drive vehicle/robot forward/back, turn

For developer use:

  • F5 - Save current position of vehicle
  • F9 - Reset to last saved position of vehicle
  • F12 - Toggle weather control panel
  • H - Spawn/Respawn Non-Player Character (NPC) vehicles
  • K - Remove NPC vehicles
  • End - Toggle ignition (must be on for vehicle to move)
  • Page Up - Shift to forward drive gear
  • Page Down - Shift to reverse gear
  • V - Toggle main camera view (from in front of car, from inside of car)


  • Left Shift - Toggle headlights
  • Right Shift - Toggle parking brake (needs to be off for vehicle to move)
  • Num Pad 5 - Num Pad 9 - Windshield wipers

Steering Wheel Controls (Demonstration)

We use the Logitech G920 steering wheel with our simulator. The following table shows key mappings on the wheel for demonstration purposes, mainly for developer use.

Logitech Wheel Button Keyboard equivalent Effect
Right paddle Up Accelerate
Left paddle Down Brake
RSB Page Up/ Page Down Toggle between Drive and Reverse
LSB Num 5-8 Toggle windshield wipers on/off
A Spacebar Toggle UI Switch (sensor menu & camera display)
B H Respawn all NPC traffic (not toggle)
X - Toggle sensor effects (LiDAR)
Y V Cycle through camera views
D-pad Up - Daytime scenario (no rain or fog)
D-pad Down - Rainy scenario (with fog)
D-pad Left - Night scenario (rain + fog + road wetness)
D-pad Right - Sunrise foggy scenario
Overlapping Squares Left Shift Cycle through headlight settings (off-low-high)
Hamburger Menu (3 horizontal lines) Right Shift Toggle parking brake
Xbox End Toggle vehicle ignition