All notable changes and release notes for LGSVL Simulator will be documented in this file.

[2019.09] - 2019-09-06#


  • Sensor visualization UI
  • HD map export to OpenDrive 1.4 format
  • ROS service support for ROS bridge
  • Python API to support more robust waypoints for NPC vehicles
  • Python API with ability to control traffic lights on map
  • Hyundai Nexo vehicle


  • Improved NPC movement and right turns on red traffic light
  • Fixed NPC vehicle despawning logic so they don't get stuck in intersections
  • Change NPC vehicles colliders from box to mesh to improves collision precision
  • Updated generated protobuf message classes for latest Apollo 5.0
  • Fixed 3D Ground Truth message type for ROS
  • Fixed 3D and 2D Ground Truth bounding box locations

[2019.07] - 2019-08-09#


  • Separate Asset Bundles for environments and vehicles
  • Fully deterministic physics simulation
  • Faster-than-real-time capability with Python API
  • Lanelet2 HD map format import/export
  • Ability to edit sensor configuration dynamically
  • Multi-user support - account login allows different users to login to one machine running simulator
  • BorregasAve 3D environment as a default provided map
  • AutonomouStuff 3D environment as a default provided map of parking lot
  • SingleLaneRoad 3D environment as a default provided map
  • CubeTown 3D environment as a default provided map
  • Lexus RX and Lincoln MKZ vehicle support
  • LiDAR outputs intensity value based on reflectivity of material (instead of color)
  • Support for Apollo 5.0
  • Support for Autoware 1.12
  • Light reflections on road from wetness
  • Better sky rendering, including clouds
  • Ability to import point cloud files for visualization


  • User interface - use web UI for main user interaction
  • Render pipeline - Unity High Definition Render Pipeline
  • Significantly improved LiDAR simulation performance using multithreading
  • Improved map annotation for easier use in Editor
  • Improved point cloud generation from 3D environment in Editor


  • Support for Duckiebot, EP_rigged, SF_rigged, Tugbot vehicles
  • Support for SimpleLoop, SimpleMap, SimpleRoom, Duckietown, DuckieDownTown, SanFrancisco, Shalun maps

[2019.05 and older]#

Please see release notes for previous versions on our Github releases page.