Instructions to build standalone executable

Build steps for Ubuntu host:

  1. Install Unity 2018.2.4f1:

install into the /opt/Unity folder:

 chmod +x ~/Downloads/UnitySetup-2018.2.4f1
 ./UnitySetup-2018.2.4f1 --unattended --install-location=/opt/Unity --components=Unity,Windows-Mono

run Unity and make sure it's activated

  1. Make sure you have git-lfs installed before cloning this repository.
  2. Clone simulator from GitHub:
 git clone
  1. Run build:
 mkdir build
 /opt/Unity/Editor/Unity \
    -batchmode \
    -nographics \
    -silent-crashes \
    -quit \
    -buildDestination ./build/simulator \
    -buildTarget Linux64 \
    -executeMethod BuildScript.Build \
    -projectPath . \
    -logFile /dev/stdout

Test simulator:

  1. Run rosbridge:
   roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch
  1. Run simulator from build/simulator Choose "Free Roaming" -> "DuckieDowntown" as map -> "Duckiebot-duckietown-ros1" as robot make sure it's connected, click "RUN" - make sure it's running, you can operate the robot
  2. Run rviz or rqt_image_view and see image from topic "/simulator/camera_node/image/compressed"